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When travelling, we sometimes just want to stop and mess around for a while. Travelling can be fun, if one stops and takes the time to enjoy a simple meal, rather than rushing into some crappy fast food place that serves the same stuff that you eat for lunch at work. After a few minutes of research, and finding another BBQ restaurant closed, we decided to try Bats BBQ. What we found is an interesting spot with a great sauce.

For these BBQ reviews, we are going to try to go more traditional, and get something like ribs, or a sandwich and a side. We have been getting some heat for trying BBQ tacos, and things like that.

So, a BBQ sandwich and a side of slaw is how we get this review started. What arrived was a decent sandwich, that was carefully prepared.  It did not have any of the parts of the pig that don't belong, making for a great mix of pork, and every piece of pork was incredibly tender.  However, it was slightly dry, and we like more smoke than the average eater, so the sandwich was a little undersmoked by our standards. The slaw was great because it was not swimming in mayonnaise. 

So far, all you have is a middle of the road review, and you are going "so what, alphageek?" We were thinking that too. Then we tried the Fang Sauce to alleviate the slightly dry sandwich. That Fang Sauce is worth stopping for! Fang Sauce is spicy, but not incredibly so, with a blend of other flavors that explode with goodness of a full spectrum assault on the taste buds. While some sauces have that not quite finished tasted, Fang Sauce is a well thought out, balanced and executed taste worth stopping for.

Bats BBQ has outdoor seating, if that is what you are looking for.  They also have some great iced tea, which is a must on this geek's list. They also have free wi-fi, but we did not test that out.  If you like what you see here, why not follow us at the links below?

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