Why omnigeek?

The alphageek needed a site in which to collect all of his thoughts.

It is now clear that the alphageek has many more thoughts than just bourbon and being Virginia's #1 food blogger. There are thoughts about gadgets, movies, painting, cars and just about anything else that you can imagine. omnigeek.org will allow an all subject approach to the alphageek.  Omni means all directions, which is where this new expanded site can go.

The previous sites had some limitations that were starting to get in the way of creativity.  Sure, we could sling around some html code to get around those limitations, but the alphageek only has so much time.

This idea came about from talking to a friend that wants a site for a charity.  I said how easy a site was to set up. After selling the idea for about thirty minutes or so, I thought "why haven't I set up a better site?"

The old site is on blogger, which is hosted by google.  There is some underlying concern that google may pull the plug on blogger at some point, as they have done with several other services. Do a search on google graveyard, and see what you find.  You probably don't care unless you use those services, but I care.  I decided to OWN the site, rather than rely on the whims of other companies.

The advertising really was not doing much on the other sites.  In the life of the sites, less than $30 was collected.  It is not even worth doing the tax forms for that little.  For the time being, this site will be advertising free, to return the focus to the content you read.

The links to flickr for pictures seemed like a good idea when the site was started.  The traffic back and forth to flickr never really went anywhere, and now is the right time to break that connection, and simply host the pictures here.  I have unlimited storage, and I intend to get down to using some storage.

Omnigeek.org, organized to find all things all alphageek.