Back from the Dead?

So, if you have been following this blog, you have not had much to do in many months. Other hobbies (go fredsistance!) have picked up some of the free time that used to exist to devote to the fine site that you are reading. While the output has dropped off, the ideas have not. There are many fine ideas waiting to find their way to the site for your reading pleasure. There has been a massive reassessment of the family of websites on and one thing is clear: the tabs across the top are confusing as all get out to our user. For now, the tab you are on is the only one that matters and that tab is Alphageek Talks Food. Food, bourbon and any other random thoughts will go right here. No need to worry about what the differences are anymore.

Another thing that needs some attention is the restaurant entries. The reviews are badly out of date in some cases. Some of the restaurants have closed, some have moved and others probably have made other changes our staff does not know about. We will be removing the reviews for any restaurant that is now closed. Where we can figure out if a restaurant has moved, we will update the contact information at the end of the review. The challenge are the restaurants that may have changed since our staff visited. Since many of the restaurants are outside our normal dining area, we might not be aware of some sort of change in the restaurant. In those cases, either contact us directly, or add a comment at the end of the review and we will take action on a case-by-case basis. This might take some time because of the massive numbers of reviews we already have online. Heck, we are still number 1 over on urbanspoon, despite no new postings in almost a year.

What can you look forward to? How about some discussions on bitters for that special cocktail? Interested in smoking? We have some work to do on the smoker, and all of that work will make its way here. Don't worry, the bourbon reviews are not going anywhere, but they will appear now in this thread.

So drop a comment if you have any suggestions for something you would like to see here, and check back because there will be some new posts shortly.