Old Grand-Dad Bonded

Both of my readers contacted me. Each said while they like the site, they wanted to see some reviews of something at a lower price point. I have tended to stay away from lower cost bourbons because some low cost bourbons have made me sick every time I drank said low cost bourbon. Yes, one drink and I am sick that night or the next day.

I walked into the ABC store and decided to give Old Grand-Dad Bonded a try. In the past I would have never tried this. I have changed since then. First, I noticed that many Jim Products are enjoyable, and are at a similar price point. Secondly, is the Bonded. I seem to like the higher proof that comes with bonded at 100 proof. Third, I noticed the label says “high rye”. Look, you can see it on the picture below. I seem to like high rye bourbons these days, after not really enjoying the sharper taste of rye earlier. Heck, I have even sipped some rye in the last year or so. With that, will this bourbon hang out with me? Read on to find out.

Old Grand-Dad Bonded

Old Grand-Dad Bonded

Before I jump into the review here is some information on how I like to sip. I use a rocks glass. I like to add one of the big ice cubes that I wrote about a few weeks ago. I like to fill the glass to the top of the ice cube and the ice cube maybe just begins to float. That is how I usually sample for the reviews you enjoy. I will try to be a little more alphageek and let you know when I deviate from the above method. Talking about the method will give me something to write about for both of my readers.

Nose Somewhat oak like with some mild fruitiness which is all pleasant.

Pop The inrush of flavor is mild and surprising. I expected a lower price point bourbon to burn somewhat.

Taste Again sort of mild, which is surprising. Between the proof and the rye, I expected more push back from the bourbon. Instead, it is smooth. I find the main difference separating this bourbon from higher priced bourbons is the complexity of flavors. Old Grand-Dad Bonded does lack some of the complexity of other bourbons, but not in an objectionable way.

Finish What else can I say? Smooth.

This is something that I would get again, without hesitation. I can drink this bourbon without any ill effects.

On a less dramatic note, I took the above picture with a new camera. Perhaps I will write about the new camera at some point. Until then, enjoy the sipping.

Jack Daniel's Rye

We are branching out and doing some other reviews. I picked up a bottle of Jack Daniel’s rye because if the rye is not a sipping drink, I can always make a decent Manhattan with the rye. Usually, rye is something that I can’t drink neat or on the rocks. Instead, I like to have it in a Manhattan. This rye comes in at 90 proof and is favorably priced. With that understanding in mind, I am going to get right to the review.


Nose: I get hints of leather, vanilla and grain. I also get the persistent hint of the oak barrel which is good in my book.

Pop: a warm and gentle mix of the leather and grain. This is quite mild for a rye and leaves a mild burn on the lips.

Taste: Jack Daniel’s Rye is almost syrup like in consistency. The grain taste returns and is amazing to experience.

Finish: Washes down gently and easily without any burn.

There is some complex flavor going on here. After a few sips, I made a Manhattan and sure enough, Jack Daniel’s Rye makes a great Manhattan too. I sipped this neat without ice to write this review. Ice is always a welcome addition in my book. I just like a little cold edge on my drinks sometimes. This is a definite go sample today.