The Alphageek and Food

I started Alphageek's Thoughts as a simple experiment.  I would like to thank both of my readers for their support and encouragement.  Sure, your Mom and your Wife are supposed to be nice to you, but they really went above and beyond the call of duty in their encouragement and support.

As a result of this inflation of my ego, I have decided to branch out into another area.  I recently decided to start writing reviews of local restaurants, in the hopes of providing a public service.  Additionally, I was inspired by Food Porn over on my other website.  This was one of my best received entries, and it continues to get some hits from time to time.  It does not quite measure up to Worst Bourbon, but I thought that subject was sort of a one trick pony.

You might ask what I think my qualifications are to author such a web site.  I even think that is a fair question, so I will provide some answers.  I like to eat a wide variety of food.  Eating a wide variety of food is a way to relatively safely try news things.  I also like to take pictures, and this site gives me a chance to take some pictures, and post them.  I also am wiling to take the time to write things down.  You might not like my qualifications, so you could leave some comments and let me know.

The rules I am going to follow are really pretty simple.  1) I intend to give you original content.  I don't promise the content will be good, or useful, or relevant, or that you will like it, but I promise you have never seen it before.  2)  I am only going to talk about non chain restaurants.  You already know what chains you like (as do I), so you don't really need a new opinion on those well known places.  3) I promise to never say something is "authentic".  On this point, I am not always sure what authentic even means.  After all, if you wanted to define an "authentic" hamburger, how would you even do that?  Hamburgers are most definitely not the same from establishment to establishment, much less what you make at home, so what is the point of arguing about authentic?  4) I intend to give my opinion.  While I will never call anything dog food, I will tell you what food is good, and what food to stay away from.  5) I will not use flowing adjectives to describe food, well at least not very often.

I will try to add some pictures, because I like to take pictures.  I would be interested in anyone's opinion on pictures of food.  I will also try to have a map of the establishment on my site.  I am also going to try to add advertising to my site.  I am not doing this site to make money because I really don't think I will make any.  I am interested in learning how advertising on the internet works, and I am a learn by doing sort of person.  At some point, I may discuss my lessons, but I also think that is a pretty well covered subject out there online.

With these ideas in mind, I hope you find my information of some use.  I am certainly having an interesting time setting up a new web site.  Please provide some feed back, and I will be happy to get back to you.