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Mrs. Alphageek and I wanted something to eat for breakfast. We were going to the National Gallery of Art, and arrived a little early. After we came up the nearby metro stop, we each surveyed the area. I decided to use my new smartphone, fire up my urbanspoon app, and try to find something nearby. Mrs. Alphageek simply asked the nice security person nearby. In the end, we both agreed we would try Teaism.

I should start off by saying I am more of a coffee guy (I love yirgacheffe), so the large assortment of teas is lost upon me. I am not even sure which one I ordered. For you tea folks reading this, sorry I dropped the ball. The tea was good, I just don't know what kind it was!

We each ordered something to eat, before attacking the Museum. I had a waffle and it was nice and crisp, without being at all dry. It was the best waffle I have had in some time. Mrs. Alphageek had the chicken sausage naan raita and she reported that that she enjoyed her dish as well, but the raita was a little on the bland side.  On the other hand, the chicken sausage was great.

This is a great little stop a few blocks away from the Mall and is worth the walk to have something to eat, instead of eating in a museum snack bar.

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