Sweet Limes from Global Food

In an earlier post, I mentioned we went to Global Foods in Woodbridge, VA.  While there, we purchased something that I have never seen before, a sweet lime.   You can see the sweet lime below.  The sweet lime is on the right, and a "regular" lime is on the right.  The sweet lime is quite a bit bigger, and it is more yellow than a grocery store lime.  I picked it up because the store was in the process of restocking while I was standing there, so I thought that would ensure they were more or less fresh.
Sweet lime, on right (click to enlarge)
We then cut the sweet lime open.  The first thing I noticed was that it was very juicy.  The second thing I noticed is that the sweet lime has a strong citrus aroma.  I took a taste and was surprised that it tasted mild.  It tasted so mild that I could hardly taste the citrus in it.  I sampled some in various foods and drinks, and I could hardly taste it.

Sweet Lime Slices (click to enlarge)
I could not recommend you go out of your way to try this fruit.  Perhaps mine was old, or not yet ripe, or some other such problem, but I won't be buying these again, unless someone wants to set me right.