Cafe la France

Cafe la France on Urbanspoon May 31, 2011 We had a couple of great sandwiches here, while waiting for a train.  We had a few minutes to spare, so we each ordered up a sandwich.  This is a more short, hard hitting review than usual, but I did not get the camera out while we were enjoying our lunch.

Mrs. Alphageek had a buffalo chicken wrap.  I took a sample and can report that it was a great little wrap, and the sauce had that little something that makes it delicious.

I had a turkey sandwich on some kind of whole grain bread, that Mrs. Alphageek ordered for me.  I had some lettuce, tomato and some mustard and it was a great little sandwich.

Everything tasted especially fresh and I can report that this is a great place to get a quick bite to eat.  I have had coffee here on previous visits and I can report that you should get your coffee here before you get on the acela.

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