Pho Dat Thanh

Pho Dat Thanh Cafe on Urbanspoon6/9/2011Another Vietnamese place in a Columbia strip mall that servers some interesting food.  Urbanspoon helps me find a great place to enjoy a meal.

I took a look at the menu.  It had many interesting dishes on it.  I quickly decided on the spring rolls, (I meant to order garden rolls, but I said spring rolls.  Why? No idea.) and gao luc loc, mainly because it had a spicy icon next to it, and the chicken, basil and pepper sounded like something right up my alley.

My rolls (below) arrived first.  While they may have been middle of the road, the sauce with them was pretty darn good.  It was a great combination of sweet and spicy that complimented the roll very well.

Pho Dat Thanh
Spring Roll (click to enlarge)

Below is my gao luc loc.  At least, that is what I can sort of read in my chicken scratch notes.  I will try to get that right in future write ups.  I have to get over going in, taking out a camera, taking pictures, writing stuff down, and really drawing attention to myself.  At any rate, what arrived was an enjoyable dish.  It would have been more enjoyable if it had a little more basil and heat, but I still liked it.  The hot sauce on the table took care of the heat, but nothing could make up for missing a few little more nuggets of basil goodness that would have made this dish great.  The chicken, onions and peppers were served upon a bed of chopped cabbage that made for the great taste of cabbage, without the cabbage being overcooked.

Pho Dat Thanh
Gao Luc Loc

The service was great, I only waited a few minutes for my food in a restaurant that was around a third full.  It is certainly a place I might take Mrs. Alphageek sometime, when we could try some of the other interesting dishes on the menu.

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