Thai House, Gastonia NC

Thai House on Urbanspoon8/18/2011 Thai House is located in Gastonia, NC and is a little out of the usual territory for the alphageek.   Thai food is something we are always willing to try, so Thai House was showing a lot of promise.  We left more than satisfied with our discovery.

Mrs. Alphageek started us off with some garden rolls.  They are cleverly named Knock Out Rolls and they knocked us out with flavor.  These particular rolls were made with tofu as the protein, instead of the more traditional shrimp. The rolls were a great start to the meal, and Mrs. Alphageek was nice enough to share, even though this was technically part of her meal.

Thai House
Knock Out Rolls (click to enlarge)
Mrs. Alphageek also ordered some Tom Kha Soup.  While I don't usually put many soup pictures on the site, this soup picture shows off the soup that was some great taste.  The soup below was a treat to the last little bit that was left in the bowl.
Thai House
Tom Kha Soup (click to enlarge)
I ordered the King and I, which is pictured below.  As I ordered, the server asked how spicy I would like the dish.  I said really spicy was fine.  The server told me this dish was not traditionally served exceptionally spicy, but they could spice it up for me.  When the dish arrived, I was glad they went the extra step for me.  The combination of the sweet tomato sauce with the spiciness made this a great find, and one of the best Thai dishes I have had in a while.  The shrimp were perfectly prepared, and the onions and peppers rounded it out nicely.
Thai House
 The King and I (click to enlarge)
The Thai House was a great find, and worth a stop if you are travelling by, or just looking for a great meal.

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