Related Site, Alphageek's Thoughts

We have recently had some new folks join as fans, over on the Facebook page.  As new fans, they might not realize that this is not the first of the alphageek family of sites.  Before this sight, the alphageek was ordered (by Mrs. alphageek), to stop telling stories, and to start writing them down.  This order served as the inspiration for Alphageek's Thoughts.  You can see the page by clicking on the name of the sight.

This site serves as the place for the alphageek to sample a bourbon, and tell you all about the fine drink that was sampled.  The site does not generate any money, it is simply where thoughts end up, along with the bourbon reviews.  The pictures on there must be pretty good, since many of the pictures have been "appropriated" for other web sites.  Join the growing crowds, and stop by today.  You can steal a picture as well.