Alamo BBQ

Alamo BBQ on Urbanspoon4/1/2012 The vacation was almost over, and we wanted one more stop.  We started the trip with a barbecue review, so we decided it was only fitting to end the trip with another barbecue review.  We studied up, and found that Alamo BBQ, in Richmond VA seemed to have generated some buzz, so we decided to check it out.  We found a great place to make a stop, and enjoy traditional barbecue, with some interesting side dishes, that are not dishes found at more "old school" barbecue establishments.

We arrived to find that there was a big tent in front of the building that serves the food.  Something you might want to keep in mind is that you need to either get your food to go, or you will be eating outside and you need to plan accordingly.  We ate outside, where they have about 8 or so tables.  We noticed a large take out business going on as well as many folks stopping by for a meal.
Alamo BBQ
Alamo BBQ (click to enlarge)

Below is my BBQ platter. The meal consisted of brisket, barbecue chicken, potato salad, Texas caviar and cowboy beans. Today, we will run through each item on its own.

Brisket - nice and smoky, with a great char on the outside, either a spice rub, or light sauce which allowed the meat to come right through

Chicken - just enough sauce to impart some flavor and add some spicy heat, but still let the cooking shine through

Potato salad - so many times, potato salad is not very imaginative at bbq restaurants, but not so here because it was full of fresh ingredients and did not at all taste like it came out of a big five gallon tub

Texas caviar - salad of black beans, corn and cilantro that has a great fresh taste. This was a personal favorite.

Cowboy beans - beans with chunks of meat, in a thick, but not sweet sauce

This platter is certainly one of the best plates of barbecue and sides that I have had in a long time.

We did not grab a picture of Mrs. alphageek's smoked pork burrito, but the pork had the same great smokey taste, and all of the ingredients were similarly fresh as well.
Alamo BBQ
Barbecue Platter (click to enlarge)
We had a great spring day while we were there, so sitting down to a great lunch made for the perfect stop on the way home. Barbecue reviews are always a touchy subject, because folks are very opinionated about their barbecue, and there are strong debates about barbecue and preparation and serving styles. All we know is, we liked what we had a lot, and would go back again.

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