Cross Over Crisis

There has been a crisis brewing, here at alphageek Talks Food.

We have a companion site, that talks about bourbon, thoughts about drinking bourbon, and random thoughts that occur while drinking bourbon.  Recently, we tried a product that is technically whiskey and not bourbon.  However, whiskey is close to bourbon, causing a crisis here on the site: who gets the review?

Much critical thinking has been applied to this problem. While it would be acceptable to put a non-bourbon whiskey here, instead of on the other site, life is easier with all of the bourbon like information in one place, on one site. This caused a great crisis here, that even had to be discussed in depth with Mrs. alphageek. The review even touches on a television show, making the analysis more complex.

In the end a decision was reached, and policy set.  The review of the whiskey known as Kopper Kettle, will appear on the web site Alphageek's Thoughts.  You can click this link to read the review of the Kopper Kettle.  There are other reviews there too, so you may want to subscribe to that site as well.  Hint, Kopper Kettle is pretty good stuff.

There you have today's analysis. Why not share some of your research with us? How about leaving a comment in the comment section below. Even better, why not use one of the links here on the page to follow us and all things food? The twitter feed gets everything at  , or you can try our facebook page.