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Mojito Cafe  on Urbanspoon3/31/2012 We were aiming for an ubanspoon kind of weekend, where a short weekend out of town is augmented by some interesting searching on the mobile phone.  We found an interesting little spot through this research, and Mojito Cafe turned out to be quite the find.  This restaurant is located next to a subway.  Not the kind you ride, but the kid that serves that food product sort of meal.  Mojito Cafe could not be more different than subway, unless Mojito Cafe grew their own food at the restaurant.

Mojito Cafe is sort of not a large restaurant.  When we arrived their were two or three tables available, but they all filled up quickly.  We noticed that there is a small kitchen, as well as a small bar.  By the time we left, they were telling small groups that they would have to wait for a table.  We would recommend calling ahead, but you will probably find the wait worth it.

This restaurant has an impressive beer selection.  I decided to just try one at random, rather than quiz the waitress/bartender about each one.  What arrived was a smooth, slightly hoppy beer.  It would prove to be an excellent compliment to the rest of the food we ordered.
Mojito Cafe
Beer (click to enlarge)
We decided to go straight off of the special menu for this trip.  We ordered the Marinated Mahi Tacos.  The tacos use flour tortillas, cabbage, fresh salsa, and cilantro sauce along with the grill fish.  We decided to skip the cheese that came with them, and we are glad we did.  I think the cheese would have covered up the great taste of the well grilled and seasoned fish.
Mojito Cafe
Marinated Mahi Tacos (click to enlarge)
The other special we ordered was the Seafood Paella.  It had all sorts of goodies inside the pot, including clams, mussels, shrimp, mahi, and chorizo sausage, which were all cooked in garlic and wine.  This delicious pot was then covered with butter and cilantro.  This is a dish that can easily get overcooked, but that is not a problem here.  We received a meal in a pot that was hot, yet not at all overcooked.

Mojito Cafe
Paella (click to enlarge)
These two dishes made this a great find while on a short vacation.  Sure, you could eat just anyplace, but why not stop somewhere that takes some research to find?  Mojito Cafe is even worth waiting for.  There are some tables outside, that are probably open when the weather gets warmer.  Our meal was certainly worth waiting for.

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