Food Spotting and Other Random Thoughts

There have not been many updates here lately.  The crowd here at AGTF is incredibly sorry for that lack of good, useful information that you are used to.  We will attempt to make up for this lack of good solid work, with some weekend updates, that may extend into the week.
We made an interesting discovery, doing the geek things we do. We heard about a recommendation to try a new service available via a android app, called foodspotting.

Basically, it is a service that lets someone post a picture of some incredible dish that one is currently enjoying. From time to time, we enjoy a dish at a restaurant, but don't really think the restaurant itself is alphageek worthy. For those times, we had been taking a picture, and sending the picture out via a twitter update. This service allows us to interact with other people that have the same goal of sending out the word on a great dish they have found on the foodspotting web site. We have already integrated the foodspotting into our twitter feed, so if you are subscribed to the twitter feed, there is nothing more to do because you will see the updates as they happen, up to the minute. You can check out our profile on foodspotting via this link.  You might want to check it out because it is a pretty good service.

This leads to a natural question we get from time to time: what is the "best" way to follow activity on this site?  We would recommend you just follow the twitter feed as the best alternative.  However, many of our users simply do not like twitter.  Hey, twitter is not for everyone.  In that case, the next best way is to follow the facebook page.  The facebook page has all of the updates that we put in the twitter feed, and is there for people that "hate" twitter.  If you subscribe to the facebook page, you can also see what folks post to the wall of AGTF, and the wall does not show up on the twitter feed.  You could use an RSS reader and follow just the blog, which is an option some users like.  For now, the blog does not see any of the twitter updates. We might update the blog, but the twitter updates will be shown in one of the windows down the side, and will not be in the body of the blog., limiting the number of updates an RSS subscriber will see to only the articles we post.  Finally, you could just check back now and then, but who wants to do it that way? No matter your preference, the links to subscribe to twitter and join the facebook page are at the end of the article.

Due to all of the ways to view a web site these days, with mobile devices becoming more and more popular, we have had to give more consideration to reformatting of the information, both by a mobile device and other third parties. The biggest impact to the web site by the reformatting has been the maps we include at the end of the reviews. Simply put, the maps are getting trashed by the reformatting, to the point of being unusable. From now on, you will see a link to the map as well as a picture. Don't worry, we will make the link to the map as obvious as possible for those of you that don't understand how to click on hypertext.

We have come across another challenge: restaurants closing. At first, we were going to take down the reviews. There was some further reflection, and we have come up with an alternative. We will edit the article, to let you know that restaurant is now closed, or has changed significantly since we reviewed it. If you think we need to make a change, you are always free to leave some feedback, and we will update the site accordingly.

Why not share some of your research with us? How about leaving a comment in the comment section below. Even better, why not use one of the links here on the page to follow us and all things food? The twitter feed gets everything at  , or you can try our facebook page.