More Fig Bars

Some days, I put a lot of time into a post. I sit around, think analyze, take some pictures, ponder and that sort of thing. After all geek is in the title of the site. On rare days, something gets created spontaneously, without a lot of forethought. This article would be more spontaneous. Mrs. Alphageek suggested this article on a recent shopping trip, chronicled right here on this site. You can read that article at this link

Did you see the foreshadowing? I have to point this stuff out, or nobody picks up on the threads here. Speaking of threads, today's article is actually a follow on to the article at this link, about Fig Newtons and Fig Newmans.  I was at the store, getting some more Fig Newtons, and complaining about the price.  Mrs. Alphageek said to buy the cheap ones, and review them for the site.  I decided she was onto something, so here we go.

I am just going to open the package, eat one, and write about it.  Just like fig bars, nothing fancy about this review.  I did throw in some pictures, just to prove that I still have a camera.

First up are the Giant store brand of Chewy Fig Cookies.  The cookies are divided in half, in their own individually sealed sleeves.  This is a nice touch, because the other sleeve of cookies does not get stale, if you  don't eat the cookies right away. I open the package, and eat one of the cookies.  I notice that the tastes are more subtle than the Fig Newtons I so cherish.  After that initial taste, I do notice that these do not have any unusual off tastes that some bargain brand snacks have.  While being more smooth in texture than many off brands, they still are not creamy rich like Fig Newtons.  Still, I think I recommend them, especially for the budget minded.  Take a look below.

Fig Bars
Chewy Fig Bars (click to enlarge)
Next up, are the even more generic fig bars.  Fig bars is about all the label says.  Well, I did notice it also proclaims "Guaranteed VALUE", and the term is even trademarked, so don't use that one yourself.  I have to admit, if value is the only thing this product has going for it, the "bar" might be set pretty low.  The label makes me think, "hey, it least this food will not hurt you, give it a try."

I also notice this package is twice the weight of any other package reviewed so far.  

I open the package, and  notice all 32 ounces of fig bars have now been exposed to the air.  I will need something to seal these, after the taste test is over. I take a bite and feel the label sold them short.  They are worthy of at least a name.  These have a taste similar to many of the off brand fig bars out there.  There is a heavier taste of vanilla that covers the fruit taste up, as well as a little more texture in the flour department.  However, they are not bad by any means, and I am going to eat another one.  Yes, these are a little different than the first ones, but still pleasant to eat.  Again, they lack the smooth texture that Fig Newtons have, but are a decent snack bargain.
Fig Bars
fig bars (click to enlarge)
Is there a conclusion to be drawn? At the end of all of this tasting, I am not convinced that I would notice the difference, if someone handed me these either of these bars without being packaged. I would probably eat away, and take only a second to notice that one bar or another seems a little dry today, chalk it up to humidity, and keep on eating. So go on out, and enjoy any of these fig bars, knowing that they all pass muster.
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