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October 5, 2012

On this site, we are not much of an opening restaurant kind of site.  We usually like to let things settle out after a restaurant opens, and then go over and see the restaurant in steady state.  However, Morsi's Mediterranean Grill has something that is becoming habit forming to the alphageek: kabobs.  Kabobs may or may not be becoming more of a meal trend, but kabobs certainly are getting more attention here on the site lately.  The desire for kabobs won out over the new opening of the restaurant, and the result is this review

After walking in to eat, something jumped right out at me.  The restaurant only offered drinks from a cooler, or a fountain.  While I like my cola products as much or more than the next guy, the drink offerings took away from what is an interesting interior with about ten tables.

I took a quick look at the menu, and noticed many interesting, Mediterranean inspired dishes.  Even the burger menu continues the theme with some offerings of interest.  Don't worry, there is the good old fashioned cheeseburger too, in case you have a less adventurous dining friend with you.  Yes, to answer what is becoming a common question, there are a few vegetarian options on the menu as well.

I picked the Lamb Kofta Kabob.  The menu says this is ground lamb with parsley, garlic, cilantro, onions ginger and other seasonings.  I will just walk you around the plate below, and give you some thoughts on each item.  The alphageek loved the touch of the dish that separated the food.  The food was all served hot, which added to the enjoyment.  No half done things here.

The veggies in the center were lightly steamed, and still a little crunchy.  The chick peas in the upper left hand corner were great and seasoned with some turmeric and other spices. They were a touch oily, but nothing offensive or greasy.  The salad is hiding in the upper right hand corner, under some sort of crouton like thing. It is a shame the salad was covered up by the crunchies, because it was a darn good salad that deserved more attention.  I recommend getting rid of the crunch, and enjoying the salad below.  In the front, we the star, the Lamb Kofta Kabob.  It was grilled well, without being overcooked, and was everything I wanted a kobob to be, without the stick.  The listed seasonings made for a great piece of grilled lamb, and worth going back for again and again.


Lamb Kofta Kabob (click to enlarge)

Out of the picture is some bread that was advertised as naan, served with some mint chutney.  The naan was not the best naan I ever had, but the chutney was great.  I decided to enjoy the chutney on the rice, and was rewarded with a minty, hot seasoning that was fun to try.

While I ate there, I noticed at least three people ask for take out menus, so it would appear they enjoyed their food too.

Kabobs are starting to be a theme here, so keep checking back if you are an aficionado of seasoned and grilled meat.  Why not share some of your research with us?  How about leaving a comment in the comment section below.  Even better, why not use one of the links here on the page to follow us and all things food?  The twitter feed gets everything at Follow @ageekfood , or you can try our facebook page