"New" Smoker

A new smoker.  Well, almost new because I have had it for about a month.  There was a test run a few weeks ago, and there was some commentary on the amount of hot stuff the alphageek uses to cook food.  Today, we debut simply filling up the smoker, posting one picture, and running with the ideas. 

The new smoker, all full! 

The new smoker, all full! 

I am going to make this easy.  Let's walk down from the top to the bottom.

The top shelf contains a pork butt.  This recipe came Mr. Alton Brown.  I like this one because you just brine the pork with some salt (duh, but people ask) and molasses.  You can check out this simple recipe at this site.

The next shelf is another pork butt.  I decided to go with a rub with a sweeter rub.  Paprika and sugar make up most of the rub.  You can read the whole thing right here

Third down is a brisket.  I used this rub from Emeril.   

Finally, I have another brisket.  This does not have much of a recipe.  I used some left over rub from the previous effort.  It has a lot of heat, and extra salt and pepper. 

Some other little things.  

Over on the door, you can see the seal I added that helps keep the smoke in. 

On the lower door at the bottom of the picture, you can see where some of the seal goo got on the door.  I have no idea how that happened.

You can see I have an external thermometer that I use to monitor temperature.  It reacts very quickly, compared to the door thermometer. 

Finally, you can see the gas bottle, which indicates that this is a gas smoker. 

Stay tuned to this channel for any new information.

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