Shawn's Smokehouse BBQ Company

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It is time for yet another opinion of BBQ here on Alphageek Talks Food.  We stopped by to eat some lunch, while we were out and about the greater Culpepper area.  BBQ seemed the way to go, and we had a fine lunch

We started out with a Beef Brisket Sandwich. The sandwich was served just the sliced meat on the bun.  The good news is that the brisket was well cooked.  Mrs alphageek thought it was great. I thought it was cooked very well, but any reader here knows the alphageek likes a heavy smoke on his brisket, and this brisket was lightly smoked.

Beef Brisket Sandwich

The sandwich included some sides, along with some interesting cole slaw.  The pasta salad that was selected was probably made there, and the chef has a heavy hand with the salt.  However, the cole slaw is simply amazing.  The slaw includes some coconut to give the dish a unique taste and zing that one cannot get just anywhere.

The alphageek ordered a big plate of food.  Just take a look below.

Beef Brisket & Quarter Chicken

Yes, that meal is served on something the size of a pizza tray.

In addition to the brisket, the chicken was well cooked. This place knows how to get the meats cooked just right.  Again, the smoke was a little light, but the chicken was tender and juicy.  The beans have some chunks of pork in there, and the sauce is a molasses sauce that gives the beans a sweet taste.  The potato salad could have been a masterpiece. It tasted like it had been made that morning. However, like the other salads, the salt was really heavy and took away from the other flavors.

So far, this is kind of a mixed review, and the kind of review that I am not really sure how much the meal was enjoyed.  The picture below was taken after the meal was over, and should probably speak for itself.


In keeping with new traditions, the iced tea they serve is great and well worth stopping for. We did not check to see if they have wifi, so that counts as a miss on the part of the alphageek. We will try to do better.

Most of the food was enjoyed, which at the end of the day is what really matters most. 

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