Russell's Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Not much going on the website lately, as both of my readers have noted. Yes, not really much at all. We have some snow today, so what better way to get things going than to sip a little something and write up some thoughts? 

This review should have been years ago. This is a favorite bourbon that is still reasonably priced in an age where bourbon prices seem to be going up with each visit to the local store. This bourbon too will increase in price when everyone figures out how great it truly is. Whoops, I let the review slip out.

Nose Well, it just smells perfect. I am carried to the inside of a barrel aging warehouse on a beautiful day with just the right temperature. There is just a hint of both wood and whiskey to put a smile on my face.

Pop This bourbon just gently slides on in, gently waking the tastebuds.

Body The bourbon gently swirls around the tongue, gently releasing the essence of fruit and honey like sweetness.

Finish Just as gently as the bourbon enters the tongue, the bourbon departs. The bourbon leaves a smile and a gentle warm feeling.

Go buy this bourbon if you want something to sip. No ice, water or vermouth needed. I did not even bother making a Manhattan with this one, it is just too good on its own. 10 years in the barrel makes a great bourbon.

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