I made some brisket and it was possibly the best I have ever made. I got a new smoker, and the new smoker did quite a bit of the work. I got a wood pellet smoker from Traeger. That was an excellent purchase.

Here are the highlights of what made it great.

I started with a grade prime brisket. These came from Costco.


I trimmed the heck out of it to reduce cooking time. This is by far the most aggressively that I have ever trimmed a brisket.

Another View
The Remains

I put it on the smoker at 225 with extra smoke turned on for 2-3 hours. I sprayed some apple juice about every hour. Juice helps builds the bark. Everyone seemed to like the bark. Oh, there was a rub I put on it too. I still stand by salt and pepper.

When the brisket hit the stall around 150, I wrapped it in foil. I turned up the heat to 250 and cooked until the temperature was 205.

I then wrapped the brisket in some towels and put it in a cooler. The meat rested about 4 hours. The slicing was amazing.

The time resting in the cooler made a difference. That step alone made for the best brisket ever.