Alphageek's mailbag

Ok, I actually got some email on my incredible website that I have set up. Paraphrased from several emails I have received.

Question: "Hey Alphageek, I love the website. Maybe to increase the feedback on your site, you should have some contests or something like that. You could do "stump the geek"!

Answer: Ok, I have figured out what part of the problem is. On this kind of website, you are not supposed to email me back. You are supposed to "post a comment". The email I am receiving indicates that both of my readers do not know how to post comments.

Posting a comment is really simple. You need to click at the bottom of each message the X comments. X is a variable, in this case an integer from 0 to infinity, that denotes how many comments each post has. You will notice many of the posts have small numbers, such as zero, for X. You are here to increase X. Simply click on the "X comments", type your message in the box, follow the instructions and your message will be posted for the world to see. Better yet, the counter will go up! This will make the website look like someone actually reads it other than Mrs. Alphageek. She uses the non-existent readership to laugh at me. Post now and prove her wrong!