Old ham

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Mrs. Alphageek and I decided to take some time off. While doing so we decided to stop by and see the Worlds Oldest
Edible Ham
. The ham is located at the Isle of Wight Museum in Smithfield, VA. I was going to inquire about buying the ham to prepare a bourbon glaze for it and enjoy the ham with my friends while on vacation.

I was not able to purchase the ham. It turns out that the museum the ham was in suffered a flood and the valuable ham has been moved to another location at the Mariner's Museum. I think that is just a cover story and the ham was really moved there for safe keeping. 100 year old ham and some bourbon glaze? What could be better!

The picture you see here is of a ham at least 10 years old down the street at the Smithfield Ham Shoppe. The person working there was generous and let me take this fine picture that you are now looking at.

Stay tuned as we next show a spot with giant heads that you won't want to miss.