New Picture Capability

Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Originally uploaded by AlphaHokie
I was talking to Mrs. Alphageek the other day and I said that my bourbon pictures were not very good. She said, that I was probably the only one that cared about the pictures. I decided to ignore her less than encouraging comments and charge ahead with grabbing some better pictures. Some of the results are here for your judgment.

I started with a search online for lighting. I could not get Mrs. Alphageek to let me spend the several hundred dollars for fancy lighting. I then searched some more and found out that you can make a pretty good lighting kit yourself for about $20. I drove down to Lowe's and purchased the needed materials. I assembled everything in about 30 minutes. Here, you can see some examples of my work. The Wild Turkey Rare Breed gift set (hint, hint) looks great, at least as great is can look when it is not in a glass in front of me. While the lighting is not perfect, I am much happier with the results. I will keep working on the reflections and softening the light.

I have also posted a picture of Maker's Mark bottle that I dipped myself as well as a bottle of Fighting Cock that I am saving for my next visit from "Wake up, its Christmas".

So far, there is only one downside. Of course, Mrs. Alphageek found this downside. The blue background makes the bourbon a funny color. I will have to get some new backgrounds for my bourbon shots, but I still think these pictures are a big step up. Why not post a reply and tell me what you think?