Alphageek Responds

I am sitting here enjoying some great Wild Turkey Rare Breed while Mrs. Alphageek is out spending money at a Pampered Chef party. I think the party is really a pampered Mrs. Alphageek party, but this is a possible subject for a future article.

Instead, I will respond to the wildly (as in Turkey?) successful article "Alphageek's Blackberry". My blackberry seems to have generated a lot of interest out there in my fan base. Someone new posted a reply, which means my readership doubled!

Use Techs Fight Song as your ringtone. Now that would be cool.

I will do this soon. I have already entered several custom ringtones. I am partial to the one I have right now. If you hear my blackberry, you will have to guess where the tone comes from. Maybe I will change the ring tone for game day.

1. Search INTERNET to find a lovely place to take the lovely mrs. alphageek out to dinner.
2. Email mrs. alphageek and tell her how often she is right and you are wrong.
3. Let mrs. alphageek use your new berry to play cute little games... like yoshi or qbert.

1 Yes dear.
2 Yes dear.
3 Yes dear.

1. Track sports scores and football schedules!

2. Read updates about which teams' football players have been arrested and/or kicked off their teams.

3. Record videos of VT's pre-kickoff festivities and post them on YouTube.

4. Text your sister on college football days with football-themed commentary.

5. Take photos of tailgates and post them here.

6. Use "Hail to the Redskins" as another ringtone.

P.S. I know some state gov't workers get a nice discount on Verizon contracts and phone accessories (almost 20% off). You should check to see if you are eligible for any discounts, if you haven't already. It might not be too late to adjust your contract.

1 I have already set that up.
2 Between all of the Virgina schools, I don't have that much time.
3 My blackberry does not have a camera. I will try to use my camera or Mrs. Alphageek's to post some pictures and or video. I may also be able to tether the blackberry to my notebook and send out something before and after a game.
4 Texting is so out. You will need to install a chat client so that I do not have to pay for text messages anymore.
5 See #3
6 I will add "Hail to the Redskins"

PS I got 15% off.

Uh, where's the bourbon in this post? It is Mrs. Alphageek heavy, though, so that's a good thing.

I was drinking bourbon when I wrote this. You need to read my masthead again.

Use the calendar feature to keep track of social obligations so you don't have to check with the Jablonski Family Activities Coordinator (aka Mrs. Alphageek) every time you are invited to socialize.

Ok, the Alphageek is going to set the record straight here. I do not control much of anything. Mrs. Alphageek runs the social calendar not me. Until she decides that things go on the schedule, I have to check with her. After all, you make your husband check with you first on everything.

Hey! What about getting a "slingshot" for your TV at home and using it to watch games while you're at the game? Could you "sling" the programs to your blog then use your web access to watch games on your crackberry? (follow up)I wasn't thinking of watching other games during the play of the game. I was thinking you could catch up on scores of other games or watch clips of other games at 1/2 time or during time outs. Also, if you wanted to get into the stands early to avoid the rush or stay later to avoid the rush, slinging could really help you out.

Ok, the slingbox probably will not work. I don't think I can get a client for the blackberry. I could stream my own website with the sligbox, but that is illegal. However, all of the other ideas you have can be easily done on the blackberry using already existing services. I can already stream other people's videos to the blackberry.

The following questions are from an even earlier post.

I think it would be cool if you would pick a bourbon that was thematically appropriate for the week's opponent. Like... for the East Carolina game you could try to find a "pirate" bourbon. Or for the Nebraska game, you could try to find a bourbon made in Nebraska.

You could even run tastings at your tailgate. Just invite anyone who comes by to do a taste comparison between WT & the bourbon of the week. Then, keep track of the tasters' preferences and post the results on your blog. You could even use your crackberry to take pictures of the tasters.

Hmmm.. I got ready to actually try this one, but then I started thinking more about it. Pirates don't drink bourbon, they drink rum. I guess I could do something with that. For all practical purposes, almost all bourbon is made in Kentucky.

As for tastings at a tailgate, that might be ok. I would need to come up with a better theme than bourbon. Maybe bourbon vs some other drink.

I'm still waiting on your thoughts on who Climpson will be playing in Tampa come the first Saturday in December. Or do you think Tommy Bowdown is too stupid to get his team there?

Everyone, please welcome a new reader! He has doubled the number of readers here!

As for Klemsum, I am going to bet against Bowden. You have to admit that strategy has worked so far, and I am sticking with a good strategy. So who will win? Let's hope it is not Wake Forest. Who will win the other side? UVA. Just kidding, they blew it last year when they couldn't take home the win in their home stadium. I will stick with VT again this year, but I think the young offense will catch up to VT at some point.