The meeting of Two Worlds

The Alphageek recently received an invite to visit an old friend. While considering this offer, the old friend sweetened the pot. He offered to share a bottle of Wild Turkey American Spirit. Both of my readers will remember that Wild Turkey is my favorite bourbon. My greatest moment in bourbondom has been addressed in an earlier blog post. Getting a rare opportunity to American Spirit is a rare treat.

An even rarer treat was getting to take a trip into the mountains to enjoy this fine bourbon in the mountains with a real man. By real man, I mean a guy who nonchalantly says, "right there is where I killed the bear." This is certainly a remark that will win the instant respect of the Alphageek. The Alphageek once killed an animal, but he only hit it with his car.

We opened the bourbon and each tried a sample. I found it to be a very deeply flavored bourbon. I was somewhat surprised to find that it burned a little bit. The level of complexity of the flavors is simply amazing compared to any other bourbon. This bourbon is not even for sale anymore, so it was an exceptionally rare treat to get to sample. This rare moment was captured for you to see. This is one of the few pictures the Alphageek did not take himself. Given the rarity of this event, the Alphageek will relax the rules that says he has to take the pictures himself.

While visiting, the Alphageek attempted to return the favor with some free geek consulting about home theater. This was a feeble attempt to repay the fine bourbon sample, but the payment fell short of the fine bourbon.

Perhaps you are saying, "how do I get the Alphageek to stop by?" The gold standard has been set very high. You can simply offer a rare bourbon. Perhaps the Alphageek will start a new series of road trips.