Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses Single Barrel
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Here we go with a record third post in a day!

Mrs. Alphageek and I were shopping the other day. Imagine that, shopping around Christmas. I said I would like to take some pictures this weekend. She said ¨get rid of that lame blue background!¨, so I did. This bottle of bourbon from Four Roses is the first to get the new black background! Try to stay awake here. This background actually poses some challenges. The background is slightly reflective, which makes getting the subject (the bottle) lit, instead of the background (the black stuff), something of a challenge. After taking about 60 or 70 pictures, I think I have an acceptable compromise.

This bottle of bourbon was recommended to me by the fine folks on the Bourbon Enthusiast forums. I highly recommend checking them out. I felt very fortunate to purchase this bottle because I do not think it is available everywhere. This bourbon enjoys a deep, smooth oak character that is a fine addition to your bourbon tasting. I actually got this one photographed before it was empty.

Start emptying your bottles of bourbon today!