Web Site Changes

It has become clear that this site does not have much of a following. As a part of this ego crushing revelation, I have learned several things. These lessons are extremely disjointed, so I am just going to ramble on a little here. If you don't like rambling, move on until the next post. If attempts at quick satire are what you came for, you may be disappointed. Come to think of it, I might not have many readers due to lack of self confidence. I guess that is easier to take than saying "your site sucks".

Nobody cares about the cool stuff over on the left. I put up some plugins that make the site unique and interesting. I mentioned the other day that I have "bourbon in the news" to my Wahoo friend.

My friend replies "you have bourbon in the news?"

I said "its been there a while, probably months".


I have removed a bunch of the content along the side. Maybe I will add a poll or something interactive, to actually make you move your head around when you read this site.

A bunch of you are running outdated computers and/or software. I can collect statistics on my visitors. All of you need to update just about everything on your computer. Operating system, Java, flash player, you name it and you need to update it. When your computers get taken over by some criminal organization, don't say I didn't warn you. The good news is I run one computer using Linux, so my computer is relatively secure. If you don't understand this paragraph, you are probably one of the ones who already has had a credit card stolen, or a pornographic movie ordered at your house. At least you can now tell your wife that excuse.

Very few of you click on the pictures. I like taking pictures. I put the pictures on flickr and write about the pictures here. You then ignore my pictures. Oh, my fragile ego.

You are totally ignoring any links I put in the articles. I have cool tracking software installed to show me how many clicks everything on the site has. That is how I figured out the lack of interest on the left hand side of the page. I can bring up a cool display that puts the number of clicks right over the web page. It keeps saying 0 0 0 0 no matter what I do. Oh well.

Obviously, I am going to make some changes here at Alphageek's Thoughts. While I could try a bunch of fancy ideas, I will probably just give you what you want: my endless ranting about whatever the heck it is I think about. I will have to admit I am a little suprised that is all anyone reads, but I guess I will take it.

I left bourbon in the news. You should at least know that I believe it to be the only bourbon news aggregator on the internet. I just thought it was really cool to be the first.