The World's Oldest?

One evening, I was drinking some bourbon and surfing the internet for items of interest when traveling. I received an email from Mrs. Alphageek, informing me that I should check out Roadside America. I surfed over to the site, and had to have a second bourbon to calm my nerves. She had located the holy grail of travel sites. Roadside America has every cheesy place one can stop while on the road. Well, maybe not everyone, but there are a lot. Earlier, Mrs. Alphageek and I tried to see the World's Oldest Ham and were thwarted by a flood damaging the museum and closing the museum.

I now wish to announce that we have successfully viewed the World's Oldest Edible Ham! It was quite clear upon visiting that the museum host knows who the star of this museum is and the star is definitely the Ham.

We were escorted right over to the ham, and given our own personal narration of the history of this fine piece of Americana. I gazed longingly, knowing that I had finally found a superlative worthy of the Alphageek's personal endorsement. That's right: you have to see this to believe it, or at least click on one of my links so that you can see the pictures. I did not even know that you could also see the World's Largest Ham as well!

You might think that the Ham alone is great, but this museum continues to deliver. While there, we were also able to view the history of the making of the World's Largest Ham biscuit. You can even see some of the equipment used to make this large delight of food. My only disappointment was there was not a piece of the biscuit at the museum for viewing.

Just when you are thinking that a small town like this could not deliver any more bang for the buck (and admission is free!), you can see something I did not know they had until I arrived. That's right, you can see the World's Oldest Peanut on display as well. A little peanut with a date written on it with a pen. Never mind that I might be able to find an older peanut under my sofa and if you turn your back for a second, and oh hand me that sharpie pen too, I might also have an old peanut. Never mind all that, you simply cannot get entertainment like this just anywhere.

Finally, the museum has a certificate from Ripley's Believe it or Not! I know I have never seen a certificate like that before. Some of you may have been able to go to Myrtle Beach's Believe it or Not museum, but I was never able to go. The Isle of Wight Museum is better because it does not have the World's Largest Man in front of it, hawking to you for $20 to see some fake stuff. No, this is the real thing and you can only see it in Virginia. Click this link to see the entire photo set.