Tools Everyone Needs

There are certain tools that everyone needs, but not everyone knows are out there. Today, I will talk about a few of those tools I found while drinking some Rare Breed and surfing the internet. These tools may not be critical to your life, but they can make your life a little easier, especially for those you that are attached to your blackberry. I guess you might be able to get these kind of things for a iphone, but I don't know anything about iphones because I am sort of stuck on verizon. Maybe someday you will be able to get an iphone on verizon, but not anytime soon. I am sure some mac fanatic will now attempt to deface my site, so let me say I am sorry in advance and please apple fanatic, don't hurt me.

I came across the ultimate Blackberry accessory site, They have the largest selection that I have been able to find. I decided to pour a bourbon and explore the site. I came across several critical, at least for me, accessories that I have needed for a long time. I could not even get these kind of things at verizon, so I am super happy, in a geek sort of way.

The first thing was an adapter to convert the headset jack into a standard headphone jack. That may not seem like much, but 1) I could not find one locally and 2) it now allows me to use the mp3 player in my blackberry in the car. I can also stream internet radio using my blackberry in the car now, which is pretty cool.

The second thing is a rubber jacket for my blackberry. It keeps the edges nice and clean when you drop your blackberry and extends the life of your blackberry, if you drop yours often like I do. I bought a generic one at Best Buy, but it did not fit well. After five minutes with the new jacket, I tossed the old one in the trash.

The final purchase was a new holster. I used to have the standard blackberry holster, but I broke the clip. This new one from niteize is extremly tough, with a great big clip and a semi-hard case to protect the blackberry from damage.

I guess damage is getting to be a common thread. I have destroyed several accessories for my blackberry. Thanks to the quality products from, I can keep bringing you the best in geek news from anywhere there is cell service.