Alphageek's New Computer

I decided it was time to upgrade the computer in the new office.   The four or five year old computer was really starting to get long in the tooth.  Not that I could not use this antiquated machine, but I was feeling the need for some increase in speed.  As usual, this will not be one of those normal reviews.  Go to Google if you want to look up some "real" computer reviews.  You should really try the link anyway because I made it do the work for you.  You are welcome.

I sat down and opened some WTRB, and wrote down my requirements.  It had to be small, because I don't want to fill up my office with computers.  It had have plenty of memory, at least 6 gigbytes.  It had to support two monitors, and it had to support gigabit ethernet.  It should run windows 7. Oh, and I did not want to build it.

I surfed the internet far and wide, and was not liking what I found.  I had a small form factor (SFF) pc, which means it is not as big as usual, and I wanted to continue that trend.  When I purchased the last computer, there were many SFF computers out there.  That market is being over run by netbooks and nettops.  I like these, but they meet about zero of the requirements outlined above.  I finally found something made by Gateway that met all of my needs.  Well, almost all of my needs.  More on that in a minute.

I purchased a Gateway SX2801-01.  It is a pretty decent computer.  I really like the fact that I can network to my network attached storage at gigabit speeds.  It met all of my requirements, including the small form factor.  I was a happy geek.

There was only one problem.  It only supported one monitor.  While I can live with one monitor, it is really not very geek like to have only one monitor.  When I made my purchase, I was sure to ask "can I put another video card in?"  The nice twenty something helping me said sure, if it was a low profile video card.   I got it home, and decided to purchase the new video card.

I surfed around, and found one on newegg.  I thought I was done.  Then, I saw a review.  The review said, "it does not use much power".  I went, hmmm.....  It was then I realized I was going to need to look at the power supply.  I opened the case, (that took a week, pretty good) and examined the power supply.  I found out it is only 230 watts.  230 watts is probably not going to power a new video card for very long before failing.  Then it would be back to the old computer.

I then started to find a new power supply.  I am still waiting on some power supply companies to email me back and tell me if I can use any 1U upgraded supply, or if I have to use a LITEON (the OEM) or if I am out of luck.

I should just learn to live with one monitor.  Maybe I will just buy one of those 30" monitors out there.  Remember, I did not want to build a new pc.

How will it end?  Stay tuned to these pages.