An editor comes calling

Yesterday, an email popped up on the old blackberry.  It was a little more interesting than Mrs. Alphageek informing me I snore a lot, or that I should stop on the way home and buy milk.  It was someone who wanted to use one of my pictures.  Ho, hum I thought.  After all, this happens from time to time.  Someone wants a picture for some website that gets twice as many readers as I have.  That would be about twenty readers for your math challenged folks. 

I researched who sent me the email.  The person appeared to be a real person, as opposed to the time that somebody emailed me and wanted to publish a picture.  I said "sure" and that person never called me back, making me think it was one of my friends, trying to pull a good joke.  This time, I could tell that the person is a real photo editor.  I got somewhat interested.  After talking to Mrs. Alphageek, I decided I better say "sure" right away, or they would go on to the next desperate person on flickr.

I sent back the reply and told them I was on board.  This morning, I received a reply "we are going to have your picture in our article up by noon!"  I was pretty stoked!

I will now reveal that the site is Womans Day online edition.  They get over a million viewers a month.  I was going to hit the big time!  I had this image of hip New York editors looking at that picture and going "wow"!   I would be able to add photographer to my list of professional skills.

That balloon burst a couple of hours later, when I received another email thanking me for my enthusiasm, but they went with a picture by a different photographer. 

I got home and took a look at their article.  I am not going to give them the satisfaction of a link.  You can see the picture at this link.   Their picture sucks too.  It does not have anything in it to tell the scale.  If you have the time, leave a message on their site and let them know that it does not look very big.