Happy Accidents

Recently, I took up painting.  Well, I painted once, and it came out really well.  You can read those exploits by clicking here.  I then did a follow up painting with some friends that you can read about by clicking here.  People were very complimentary, but I did not understand why.

I decided the other day to paint something by picking it out of a Bob Ross book.  I thought "I have one under my belt, what can go wrong"?  The short version of the story is simple.  A lot can go wrong.  The painting started bad, and got worse pretty quickly.  I decided to at least try to practice, but even that did not work. 

Frustrated, I decided to go outside and make a nice fire in the new fire pit/tower/whatever.  I tossed the painting on top.  It made me feel better.

I now understand why everyone was so complimentary.  Let me take this moment to say thanks.