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Blackstone Coffee Company on UrbanspoonBlackstone Coffee makes a great cup of coffee. That is not something every coffee oriented place can lay claim to.

You should stop in, and talk the coffee man, Don. He is simply passionate about his coffee, and it shows in both the product he puts out, as well as his extensive knowledge of coffees from around the world. Blackstone Coffee Company simply makes the best, most consistent cappuccino that I have ever had. If you are getting your cappuccino at one of those chain places, you are missing out on one of the best cups I have ever had.  You can see Don over there on the left, and what I consider to be the perfect cup of coffee over there on the right.  No need for anything fancy.
Don is the one who turned me on to yirgacheffe coffee, and yirgacheffe is a taste I have not regretted since.  Don prides himself on learning his customer's likes, and given the great taste of yirgacheffe coffee, I have no reason to question his superior knowledge.

Blackstone Coffee Company recently opened a second location at Eagle Village in Fredericksburg, VA.  I will post a link to that location as well, but that location will need to start showing up on google maps before I can add the link.  For now, it points to a link of the address from their Facebook page.

Blackstone's old location has closed. You can now use the information below worry free because it has been corrected and points to their current location.

Another edit: This is a shameless plug for the coffee that Don prepared, just for me. The picture below shows Don deep in concentration while he prepares the perfect cup, one cup at a time.
Blackstone Coffee
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