Hard Cooked Eggs

Sometimes, we review visits to restaurants that impress us.  Because the title is Alphageek Talks Food, sometimes we just like to ramble on about some new food find.  Other times, we like to pass on something interesting in the world of food (I was going to say Wide World of Food, but I would probably get in trouble with ABC.)  that we find out in some unexpected way.  Today, is a little rambling about eggs.

We had an extra dozen eggs.  Don't ask how we got them, let's just say they showed up.  We thought it would be great to have some hard boiled eggs.  We began to wonder about the "ideal" way to prepare them. Never mind that egg cooking, is a subject that some people write entire books on, just stick with us here.  There was some discussion and debate at the Alphageek HQ.  In the end, we consulted Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking.  You can get a copy over on amazon.com, but I don't make any money. (Note to self: figure out how to make money with referrals!)

As a side note, Alton Brown is somebody that every geek can get into.  His attention to detail and measurement is commendable.  But I digress from today's topic.

Mrs. Alphageek looked through the book, and found several new ways to try cooking the eggs.  We settled on trying to steam the eggs.  The cooking technique is rather simple:  put about an inch of water into the bottom of a pot. Bring the water to a boil.  Place a steamer basket on top of the boiling water.  Place the eggs in the steamer.  Wait twelve minutes and then remove the eggs to a cold water bath.  Really, it is that simple.

When opening the eggs, we noticed that the shell peeled away from the egg very easily, almost in one piece.  The eggs that emerged were simply some of the best hard cooked eggs that we have ever made here at the headquarters.

I'll bet you you could do a google search on steamed hard cooked eggs and find out more.  I could do that too, but I promise original content, not other people's stuff.  You might also try cooking the eggs in the oven too.

I took some pictures, but pictures of eggs are just not very interesting.  Sure, I could have dressed the picture up with some phony mask to make the picture look like it was taken with a narrow depth of field, but that filter seems pretty overdone these days.  Overused fake photography techniques: sounds like another idea to me.  There is nothing overdone about these eggs and you should try to experiment today.