Mid Atlantic Seafood & Produce

 Mid Atlantic Seafood & Produce on UrbanspoonYet another interesting restaurant that one does not expect to find sort of out there by itself.  I will do a little different review of this restaurant today.  The first thing you will notice is that there are no pictures.  I had my cell phone, and I did take some pictures with it, but they were pretty bad. We have standards here at AGTF and we are not going to compromise those standards, just to put some crappy, soft picture here on the website.  Instead, we will bring you a short, hard hitting review that you will hopefully find useful.

I was looking for somewhere to eat while on travel.  My initial thought was some sort of fast food, because it would be relatively quick and easy.  I checked into the hotel, and decided to check my Urbanspoon app to see if there was anything interesting nearby.  Not only nearby, but with walking distance was Mid Atlantic Seafood and Produce Market.  I decided to be adventurous, and stopped by.  I checked out their menu online, and noticed that they carried a wide selection of food.  I thought some sort of fish sounded good, so in I went.

I noticed that the restaurant is large and unassuming inside, just like I like.  The food is the star, not some fancy restaurant.  I noticed that grilled tilapia with two sides was on special, and decided to go with that.  I hate taking a long time to decide.  I decided corn and potato salad would be my sides.

My food took about ten minutes to prepare, at which time I was handed a take out container with my food inside.  I was pretty sure I would either really enjoy this meal, or really pan it, without much in between.  I stopped by the sauces on the way out to get some hot sauce, and noticed that they have some sauce called mumbo sauce, so I squeezed some mumbo into a little container and left.

When I opened my Styrofoam container, I was greeted by my corn, plus some grilled onions and peppers.  The onions and peppers covered my tilapia, which is too bad, because the fish looked pretty good.

My visual senses stirred, I tasted a piece of my fish.  It was lightly seasoned with some cajun flavors, that allowed the well cooked fish to shine through.  I enjoyed the nice, simple taste of a well prepared tilapia fillet. The onions and peppers were cooked, without being super overcooked to the point of being soggy.  I will have to admit that I love simple flavors, and that is how the fish and accessories were prepared.  I liked the corn's natural taste, as opposed to the corn that swims in butter, that seems to be too common these days.

I also tried the mumbo sauce, and found it to be something I can't remember trying before.  It was a cross between bbq sauce, and cocktail sauce.  I found it a great combination with the simple flavors of the fish.

If my travels ever take me this way again, I will be sure to try some of the other dishes that they offer on their extensive menu.

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