El Charro

El Charro on UrbanspoonJune 2, 2011 El Charro is a more local kind of Mexican restaurant located in the Southpoint shopping complex, near Fredericksburg VA.  We sat down to a good meal of better than average Mexican food.

We took a look through the menu.  El Carro offers the usual assorted list of tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, in the usual combinations.  We skipped over those and went to the final pages of the menu to look at some of the more adventurous food they offer.  We settled on pollo loco and enchiladas verde.

We would rate the salsa that came with our chips and salsa only average.  It was kind of tomato paste heavy, although the salsa was enhanced with some mild heat and herbs to help overcome the tomato paste flavor.

Our food arrived quickly.  Mrs. Alphageek liked her green chili sauce that covered her burrito.  She tells me that's what verde means, green.  Someone monolingual such as myself does not know that.  She also said the chicken was very tender and delicious.

My pollo loco (pictured below) was an interesting dish.  I liked the avocado slices instead of guacamole.  I think guacamole is sort of becoming overdone on dishes, and I liked the fact that the other flavors of the dish were complimented by the avocado, rather than being overpowered by guacamole.  In what seems to be a recurring here on AGTF, I would have liked the chicken to have been pulled from the grill maybe one minute sooner.

El Charro
Pollo Locco (click to enlarge)

I recommend stopping by El Charro and enjoying something there.  It is a great break from some over crowded fast food place with great food.