Casino Club Restaurant

Casino Club Restaurant on Urbanspoon July 16, 2011 One of the restaurants at The Homestead, the Casino Club is one of the more casual restaurants on the property.  You won't find the jacket and tie formality here that the Main Dining Room or 1766 offer.  You will find a fun, casual place to have a meal.

This will be different than our usual reviews.  Think of this review as a mini-review.  We were with other folks, and the camera seemed a little out of place for the occasion.

We arrived and looked over the menu.  Someone stumped the server with a question about the fish soup on the menu.  Rather than sling some story, he admitted he did not know much about the soup, and ran off to get us more information.  He came back with the best kind of information: little cups of soup for everyone at the table to sample.  We tried the soup and all I can say is this: the soup sold itself.  I decided that soup would be my appetizer after that delicious taste.  I then settled on the turkey pot pie for dinner.

I'll skip over the soup and get right to the turkey pot pie.  I am not much of a turkey pot pie guy, but this meal might have changed my mind.  It was creamy, with a great mix of vegetables and turkey.  The pastry was a perfect compliment to the entire dish.

We finished the meal off with a piece of cheesecake.  I would suggest you try one of the other deserts instead as the cheesecake is just average.

We found this to be a great place for a casual meal at The Homestead.

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