Not More Salsa

July 31, 2011 I was laboring away on an article yesterday.  It was going to be about salsa, and what great salsa I make.  It was going to be a great article.  There was only one problem, as I put "pen to paper" to create another writing masterpiece for your reading pleasure or ridicule.

You have read that article before.

Really, my article is already out there, at least in spirit.  If you google salsa recipes or make your own salsa, there are a lot of betageeks out there, giving some excellent advice on making salsa.  I know, because I sometimes use them as a resource, learning from the information already out there.

At that moment of realizing I was giving you a boring article, I decided to show you something that made my day.  While not exactly a cooking accessory, I used it to help me prepare a large amount of salsa, while cooking outside.  It is a water sprayer.  Not just a water sprayer, but a mister that puts out a fine mist of water into the air around the device, and hopefully cools you down.  I found it to be a great accessory when the temperatures were over 90 degrees F.

I simply attached it to the hose, and turned the hose on.  The hardest step was remembering to put the washer in, so that the hose would not leak.  Not to disappoint you, I have a video below of the sprayer that you can watch.  Just click on the box below.

Yes, that is all there is to the video.  At least watch in HD, so that you can see the spray.

I hope I succeeded in bringing you an idea that perhaps you have not thought of before.  Maybe you were cooking outside and felt it would be nice to cool down.  I have to say this gadget did the trick for the Alphageek.  After all, anyone could just write more about salsa.

Yes, the salsa was great.