Virginia Tech vs. Appalachian State Tailgate

There have been a lot of requests (okay, it was two and one was my Mom), to show a little of what we had before the game.  We enjoy getting to the game early, parking, and enjoying some good food. Because this game kicked off at 1230, breakfast was the obvious choice for the game.  I decided if we were doing breakfast, I was going to break out a variation on an earlier dish that we tried, Eggs in Red Peppers.

I started out firing up the gas grill that has served us well for several years.  It is a little burned up looking, but the grill pumps out the heat, and it has a lid.  Don't forget the value of a lid when cooking outside.  You can never tell if you will get some windy conditions, and nothing cooks very well when the wind is blowing 20 miles an hour.

Here is what I used to make the dish.  Remember, the measures are only approximate anyway, so let's just say 2 tablespoon of each.  Adjust the amounts based on your tastes.

4 Eggs
2 Peppers
Prosciutto Ham
and any other seasoning you like on eggs

Two prep steps help move this along.  Do these before you go to the game.  Take the peppers and cut off the tops, and clean them out inside.  It helps to get peppers that will stand up after you cut off the tops.  The other step is to dice everything finely, so that the ingredients will cook quickly.

When you arrive, fire up the grill.  Place the cleaned peppers on the grill face down, for about ten minutes or so.  When the peppers are starting to turn soft, they are ready for the next step.

Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
Peppers Grilling (click to enlarge)
Place the prosciutto ham in a small frying pan.

Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
 Prosciutto Ham (click to enlarge)

Let prosciutto ham cook until it starts to give up some fat, and then add everything else, except the cheese.
Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
Adding (click to enlarge)

Cook everything for about five minutes or so, until everything gets soft.  At this point it should smell really good.

Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
Cooking (click to enlarge)

Break the four eggs into a bowl and scramble the eggs.  Add the cooked ingredients as well as the cheese, and stir into the cooked peppers.

Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
Filling the Peppers (click to enlarge)
Place the eggs on the grill, and cook until the eggs are solid.  The peppers below are not yet done.  You can cook the extra stuff in the pan, to warm up the guests before the peppers are done.  This would be a great time to use the lid mentioned earlier.  The peppers will cook much faster.
Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
Mostly Cooked (click to enlarge)

The final product is below.  Sure, this might not be the prettiest dish I have ever made, but it might be one of the best ones I have ever made tailgating.  Don't let the little black parts fool you, this is good.  The pepper will cut right up with a fork, and makes a great combination with the eggs inside.  I suggest serving a good Bloody Mary with the dish.
Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
Enjoy (click to enlarge)
See if you can get someone to help clean up.  Tell them you did the cooking!
Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State Tailgate
The Aftermath (click to enlarge)
We will be back for the next game, with something new and exciting.  In the meantime, poke around the site.   We will have some regular updates for the next several weeks, or read the archives.  Some feedback below is always welcome.