Ode to a Meat Thermometer

Really, I am attempting to get some interesting and relevant items up here for you to enjoy.  The alphageek knows you come here for the great combination of wit, humor and information.  Well, actually you come here because I begged, but please try to humor me.  I thought you could use a tip for getting ready for Thanksgiving.  This tip is a tip that would be good anytime, anyplace, but it happens to be really good for Thanksgiving.

Turkey: everybody will have some in the upcoming weeks.  Most turkey served is really dry.  The shame is, turkey does not have to be that way.  Turkey is best when cooked to temperature.  There is my big tip.

So, why the meat thermometer title?  The best way to cook a turkey is to use a thermometer and measure the temperature.  Once I learned to use a meat thermometer, my cooking skills increased exponentially.  I was able to go from dry, nobody wanted it turkey, to the variation of the iron chef that I am today.  Now, I use a meat thermometer almost every time I cook meat.  The single best step I have taken is the meat thermometer.

So what temperature to cook to?  Look that up.  In this case, google is your friend.  Below are the steps that you will only find here.

1) Take that stupid pop up thing, pull it out and throw it away.  You will destroy your turkey otherwise.
2) Use the package to calculate the time to cook your bird, according to weight.
4) Begin to measure the turkey about half the time suggested in step 2.  As the turkey gets close to temperature, it will start to heat up more quickly, so don't be afraid to check more frequently.
5) Don't go over the suggested temperature that you found in your google search.

There are a lot of techniques out there to cook a turkey be separating the light and dark meat.  Those techniques are for folks trying to make the best turkey ever.  If you are like me and trying to make turkey that does not need to be covered up with gravy to hide the fact that you dried out the turkey, just follow the advice here today, or don't and listen to another year of whining.  It really is your choice.  I can tell you your friends and family will rave about a properly cooked bird.

To be certain you are cooking the turkey to the temperature you found in your google search, make sure you check both the light and dark meat.  The breast will heat up more quickly.

 I have found by measuring the time is cut in about half over that stupid pop up thing.  The time varies for a lot of reasons, and I won't go into them unless there are requests.  Geeks have found that people just roll their eyes if given too much information.  I do that sort of stuff so you don't have to.  You are welcome.