Umi on UrbanspoonNovember 16, 2011
This will be a short, straight up review.  Nothing fancy, which is sort of like sushi anyway.  Nice simple flavors.

Umi is always a great place to enjoy some sushi.  We like to sit at the sushi bar, and talk sushi with the sushi chefs.  Sony always seems to have something interesting to say about sushi.  He even mentioned that he is a sushi geek, so he is someone we can easily relate to.

Pictured below is our meal.  I captured one great picture, rather than take a bunch of pictures, and annoying everyone else at the sushi bar.

Umi (click to enlarge)
Here is what is on the plate:

Salmon skin - I love the crispy skin and how the strong taste contrasts the other sushi on the plate.
Spicy tuna - Great balance of fish and heat
Spider Web Roll - Soft shell crab, mango, spicy tuna is a great mix of flavors.
Creamy Crab Roll - spicy crab, cream cheese, an avocado
Yellowtail with scallion - good simple flavors that show off the Chef's ability to cut fish, and this roll was excellent.
Eel Avocado roll - Just what the name of the roll says.

After the entire plate was enjoyed,  one thing is clear. Fredericksburg is getting some pretty good places to go out out for sushi.  You can also check their web site at this link.

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