Burger Works on UrbanspoonWe stopped in for something.  I say something, but the name of the place means we are having some sort of burger.  I mean, I don't expect to get a pizza at a place named BurgerWorks.  While I thought I would be full all day, from the free samples that I had down the road at Whole Foods, I found out that I was ready for some sort of meal, before we made the trip back home.  This was not a planned stop, meaning two things.  First, we do not have any pictures.  Second, this will be a spontaneous, little review of a meal that was simple, straightforward, and delicious.

BurgerWorks has some offerings that you won't find at just any of the run of the mill burger places.  You can get bison and turkey in addition to the traditional burger.  They offer up some pre-made suggestions, or you can just go with build your own approach.  Of course, anyone who calls himself the alphageek is going to build his own.  I ordered a turkey burger with mustard, lettuce, tomato, vidalia onions, and pickles on a whole wheat bun.  Mrs. alphageek decided to split some onion rings with me.

I can report that although the burger place seems overdone, there is always space for another good restaurant, and Burgerworks did the job quite nicely.  My burger was execeptionally good.  If you are doing burgers, you better be able to cook a burger correctly, and my burger was nearly perfect.  The ingredients were high quality, instead of the pre-packaged taste that is becoming more and more common when eating out.  I wanted to give a special shout out to the whole wheat bun, which was not at all dry or crumbly and all delicious.  The onion rings were mixed in some sort of batter which multiplied the taste to an exceptional level.  The onion rings were great alone, with ketchup, or with the sauce that came with onion rings.

For all the effort we made in researching this place, which would be no effort, we found something that we intend to return to, the next time we decided to head out on the road.

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