Carolina Crossing, Grover NC

Carolina Crossing Restaurant on Urbanspoon We were in search of a meal, while driving the nearby interstate. We made a commitment to try a new restaurant on our travels, and arrived at Carolina Crossing. We discovered a new (well new to the alphageek) dish that made the stop worth talking about.

We have driven by this particular stretch of road many times.  We always seem to stop at the truck stop/big car gasoline place out by the interstate.  This time, we drove into Grover, NC and decided to at least try something new.

We stopped at Carolina Crossing, because it fit the bill nicely.  It had several good reviews on urbanspoon, and it was just a short distance from the interstate.

When we stepped inside, we noticed right away that the furnishings are simple and straightforward.  We took a seat, and looked at the menu.  That is when we noticed something on the menu we had never seen before: red slaw or white slaw?  We scratched out heads, and then decided we would ask the server, who informed us that red slaw is slaw with their BBQ sauce instead of the usual mayonnaise like dressing.  I jumped right in, and ordered a BBQ platter with red slaw, and mrs alphageek ordered a BLT, with some onion rings.

Mrs. alphageek said that the BLT was your good, basic food, and was better than stopping at the truck stop complex.  She let me try one of her onion rings, and I have to agree that they were terrific onion rings.

My BBQ platter was very middle of the road. Not the best, but not bad either. Considering that I did not see a smoker outside, I enjoyed the BBQ. It had the taste of being cooked in an oven, but that worked for me.
We would both stop again, just for the iced tea.  It was freshly made, and went down nice and easy.

So, I know you are waiting for the red slaw, at least I hope so, if you are here this long. Wait no more, because the red slaw is pictured below. I gave it a try, and liked it. I thought the vinegary taste worked in an interesting way, and complimented the BBQ platter. Mrs. alphageek said she would stick with her regular slaw. Is this a "new" dish, or is this something that is some sort of regional dish? I do not know, but I did appreciate the originality.

Carolina Crossing
Red Slaw (click to enlarge)
If you are looking to break the monotiny of your drive, Carolina Crossing would be a nice place to stop.  You might not get a gourmet meal, but you get food well prepared, and you can try the red slaw, and come back here, and tell us what you think.

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