Planters Wicked Hot Chipotle Peanuts

Today is yet another product review. Up today are Planters Wicked Hot Chipotle Peanuts. I purchased these peanuts somewhere or other, thinking these would be great peanuts, and the review would make a great addition to the site. One of these ideas was correct.
Planters Not So Hot
Planters Wicked Hot Chipotle Peanuts (click to enlarge)
The can opens innocently enough, like any other can of peanuts. I noted that the peanuts are dusted with some flavor powder, where all of the seasoning should be.  I was drawn in by the Wicked Hot description in the title.  The alphageek likes spicy food, and flavored nuts are a great delivery system for the heat component.   I took a couple of the peanuts, and crunched down, waiting for the explosion of heat.

That explosion never came.  Instead, it was like being a kid and setting off some firecrackers that never go off.  I hoped that I could just have another, and the heat would kick in, sort of like when you can just light some more firecrackers, and get that noise that you are looking for.  I never really got the bang out of these peanuts, that they promised.  There is even a face with steam or smoke or something coming out of its ears, right on front.  I certainly did not get that.

What did I get?  I got a product that had a very sweet taste.  Sure, there was a small heat component, but I got mostly sweet.  It was a synthetic sweet at that, combined with some sort of synthetic tasting smoke flavor that only served to remind me that I did not get the Wicked Hot promised on the label.

Usually, peanuts are something that don't last long here at alphageek headquarters. I like to chomp a few down when I arrive home from work, but these have been open over a month, and the can is still half full. My thoughts are that this is a pretty weak flavor profile, and you should stick with the standard Planters Peanuts, which have stood the test of time as a solid snack food, and stay away from the trendy product.

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