Upgrading Udon Soup

Here at alphageek Talks Food , we like to experiment.  After all, what geek wants to do the same old things day in and day out?  If something works, it does not have enough features yet!  We decided we could try a food experiment: how could one could punch up the flavor of some simple Udon Soup, that costs about $1.25 at any store near you.

First, what are we talking about?  One of those simple packages of noodle soup that are now almost universal.  They are like Ramen soup, except the noodles are soft instead of hard.  Have a look at the picture below.  Just make the soup according to the directions, well almost the directions.  We will give you one change you can make at the end, or don't.  After all, the best thing is you can make soup the way you would like it.

Next, we cut up some Napa cabbage.  In the picture below, we used a little more than usual, so maybe cut back a little.  The hot soup will cook the cabbage to a little crunchy, and remove the raw taste. 

Then, we shredded a carrot.  Shredding helps the carrot cook quickly, when the hot soup is in the bowl. Carrot slices would just taste like you put carrot sticks in, and forgot to cook the sticks.


Finally, the soup calls for some aromatics.  Cilantro and one green onion provide the aroma and exotic tastes that help make the soup smell delicious.

This next step is purely optional. Remember the one change from above?  I like to cut up the noodles.  No, I don't like the long noodles.  I can't keep the broth from going everywhere when I am sitting at the computer when the noodles are long.  These short noodles help keep the mess down.


Finally, just pour the hot soup right over the bowl full of things that you have just cut up.  Don't forget to enjoy too. You can't get much more simple than that, and the flavor increases exponentially.

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