Vanilla Heat Creamer

I was walking around the grocery store, and I spied this creamer as I was looking for something interesting to review.  This International Delight Vanilla Heat was just up my alley. Coffee? Check. Vanilla? Check. Heat? Check.

With so many great components, my only question was how much I was going to like this creamer.  I had visions of a hot vanilla coffee drink with a little kick at the end.  This seemed like it would be great for a cool fall morning.


So I pour some in my morning coffee and sip away.   I was greeted with some surprising flavors. First and foremost, I did not get much vanilla.  Instead, I was getting sort of a nutmeg taste.  Not bad, but certainly not what I expected.  I do see that there is ground nutmeg on the picture on the label, so maybe something subtle is going on with the flavor profile. At the end of the sip, there is a nice little punch of heat. Nothing severe, but certainly distinct.  I am reminded of chocolate that has had some chilli pepper added, and there is that same sort of punch that is good, but somehow does not quite work for the alphageek.  The alphageek likes spicy food, but the combination of coffee (or chocolate) and heat does not quite work.  I guess plain vanilla has been around so long for a reason. 

Still, this creamer is not bad, just not something I would head out and buy again.  International Delight makes many other excellent creamers in many flavors, and you might be happier trying one of those out, if that little pop of heat with your coffee is not your thing.  If you like heat in everything, get this creamer today because it is a limited time product.

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