Jack Daniel's Rye

We are branching out and doing some other reviews. I picked up a bottle of Jack Daniel’s rye because if the rye is not a sipping drink, I can always make a decent Manhattan with the rye. Usually, rye is something that I can’t drink neat or on the rocks. Instead, I like to have it in a Manhattan. This rye comes in at 90 proof and is favorably priced. With that understanding in mind, I am going to get right to the review.


Nose: I get hints of leather, vanilla and grain. I also get the persistent hint of the oak barrel which is good in my book.

Pop: a warm and gentle mix of the leather and grain. This is quite mild for a rye and leaves a mild burn on the lips.

Taste: Jack Daniel’s Rye is almost syrup like in consistency. The grain taste returns and is amazing to experience.

Finish: Washes down gently and easily without any burn.

There is some complex flavor going on here. After a few sips, I made a Manhattan and sure enough, Jack Daniel’s Rye makes a great Manhattan too. I sipped this neat without ice to write this review. Ice is always a welcome addition in my book. I just like a little cold edge on my drinks sometimes. This is a definite go sample today.