Worst bourbon?

Fighting Cock
Originally uploaded by Alphageek
I have received the same question over and over: Alphageek, what is the worst bourbon? I would have to say that I have always had a quick answer for this deep question: Fighting Cock. I suppose Fighting Cock could have several meanings. It could mean something to do with chickens fighting. It could have something to do with a University in South Carolina. Maybe it has something to do with an adult movie, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Instead, Fighting Cock is the name of a bourbon that should be good, but is not. You look at the label and say "Six years and 103 proof? I am all over that." Then you drink up. Then you throw up. It really is as simple as that. Think of Fighting Cock as the anti Wild Turkey. I even took a bad picture to reflect how bad Fighting Cock is.