The Wyatt Earp Room

The Wyatt Earp Room
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Ok, so many of you have been demanding an update to my fabulously popular web site. Ok, so it was only one person, but Mrs. Alphageek is telling you not to tell me you like my site. I know she is, so don't tell me otherwise. Mrs. Alphageek even complained about the last sentence several times, so let me try again. Mrs. Alphageek emailed my vast number of readers. The email Mrs. Alphageek sent said "tell Alphageek you don't like his site." You then pretend to not like my site.

If you believe the web statistics, I have about two readers, so that should probably tell me something.

By now, you are probably thinking "is every post going to have something about bourbon?" Of course it will. That is the whole point of starting a web site based entirely on my bourbon thoughts. I can even make it happen. That is why I am the alphageek and you aren't. Maybe you are the betageek or something like that. Perhaps you are even the omegageek. If you are the omegageek, you probably don't even get what I am saying anyway.

Recently, Mrs. Alphageek and I traveled to San Diego for work. Ok, so she worked and I geocached and toured the USS Midway. I highly recommend that you tour the USS Midway if you ever have the opportunity. I spent an entire day walking around the ship, and I did not get to see everything the ship has to offer.

While we were in San Diego we had a fine dinner at the restaurant G5. While there, I enjoyed a Wild Turkey before dinner. We were eating in the Wyatt Earp room. Wyatt Earp owned the saloon at some point, and I am sure that he must have enjoyed a bourbon there (you can read about him here). Even if he did not, I am sure some other customer must have. I know that I certainly enjoyed my bourbon at G5. I enjoyed it so much that after I had my wonderfully cooked pork chops (that did not give me trichinosis), I decided to enjoy Booker's bourbon for desert. It was a great desert as well and a desert that I wholly recommend, even if you can get it just about anywhere.

After dinner, we decided to take a walk around and enjoy the scenery a little bit. While doing so we passed the Whiskey Girl bar. It looked like a fine establishment, but I did not need anymore bourbon, so we walked on. We did stop and take a picture. I am not sure, but I think that is Michael Jackson in the corner. I have no idea why his image is where it is.

We walked to the Hyatt and had a drink at th Top of the Hyatt bar. The bar is over San Diego harbor waaayyyy up on the top of the hotel. The view was nothing short of spectacular. We ended the night back at our hotel after another long walk back to our hotel.